Friday, December 3, 2010

Matisse Cut-Outs

First Grade students learned about the French artist Henri Matisse.  We focused on his later works, specifically his cut-outs.  Students took note of the geometric shapes found in the background of his collages, and the organic shapes found in the foreground.  Typically I would approach this lesson by having students create a variety of painted paper, cut them out into squares and rectangles, adhere them onto another larger sheet of paper, and use black & white construction paper for the organic shapes.  However, this would require twice the amount of paper and had the possibility of requiring an additional fourth day to complete.  Painting geometric shapes onto one large sheet of paper required less materials and days (3 to be exact, 2 if I used 9 x 12 paper).  This lesson was inspired by the There's a Dragon in my Art Room blog...such great lessons!

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