Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fundraiser Projects

Kindergarten - Pattern Fish

This is a project I would have done with Kindergarten students anyway, but figured it would make for lovely artworks for the Art to Remember fundraiser.  Students already had previous experience with lines, shapes, and patterns so this lesson was perfect in that it encompassed all three.  I begin all my lessons with an anecdote that relates to the topic, in this case I was browsing my local library and stumbled upon a book about fish.  Did you know that a group of fish is called a school?  That reminded me of all of us, because we're a group of people who like to learn new things...and so on and so forth lol.  We discussed all the geometric shapes we might use to draw a fish and for what parts (circle or oval for the body, triangles for the fins, circles for the eyes, etc.).  Because the paper used was so small (about 8 1/2 by 11) I pre-drew fairly large ovals in the center which ensured that every student would have a large fish (no tiny guppies!).  We used regular crayons to fill in our fish with patterns since oil pastels are a bit too bulky and tiny hands would have trouble making their intricate patterns.  A wash of blue watercolor for the ocean was added.  On the second day we added color to our fish (using only light colors to have our fish stand out against the blue).  I stumbled upon paint markers which I thought the kids would enjoy.  I demonstrated how to use the markers to add "bubbles" for our fish; the kids really seemed to enjoy that.  I think their work came out great!

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