Friday, December 17, 2010

Fundraiser Projects - Pre K

Pre K - Flowers

In order to do this project in a one hour period, I decided to prepare the paper beforehand using squares of bleeding tissue paper.  Normally I would distribute a variety of colored construction paper for students to paint on but because this was for a fundraiser and the paper was non-negotiable I opted do to this instead.  I chose a simple subject (flowers) and broke it down into simple shapes  for the center of the flowers and lines for the petals.  After spending more time with Pre K students I've decided that working in groups of 4-5 at a time would ensure that every student get an adequate amount of one-on-one time while working on their paintings.  It's quite difficult to manage 18 Pre K students on a painting project all at once!  Of course this means that projects would last longer and span a period of a few classes but I'd be willing to try if it means a higher success rate.

Suggested Materials
artificial flowers (daisies, roses, sunflowers) or photographs of flowers
sponges cut out into circle and petal shapes (for a stamping/printmaking approach)
medium bristle brushes
paper plates

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