Friday, November 12, 2010

Wild Things!

Here are some photos of the Wild Things project from a few week ago.  I've seen this project done a variety of ways so I can't really attribute it to one specific source...but what I liked about it was that it reviewed vocabulary (geometric shapes, lines), allowed students to practice/reinforce their motor skills (drawing, cutting, gluing), and incorporated a literacy component (read-aloud).  I'm looking forward to writing more art lessons based on childrens' books!
Day 1 - Read Wild Things book, discuss animal characteristics and geometric shapes that might be used to draw creatures.  Review lines that could be used to fill in creatures' bodies.
Day 2 - Review proper watercolor usage and paint creatures.
Day 3 - Carefully cut out creatures.  Demonstrate using Elmer's glue properly (dot, dot, dot method) and apply to the back of cut-out.  Use both hands to adhere cut-out to construction paper background.

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