Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lessons So Far...

Just to summarize what the lessons have been so far:

Kindergarten - Line Explorations with oil pastel (drawing/painting) VOCAB: Line
Shape Explorations with pre-cut shapes (collage) VOCAB: Geometric Shapes, Collage
Leaf Rubbings (emphasis placed on texture) VOCAB: Texture
The next Kindergarten lesson will either be based on patterns or using shapes and lines to paint their favorite animal. 

First Grade - Picasso Harlequins (collage) VOCAB: Harlequin, Collage
Since the Harlequins took three classes to complete, we will be beginning a new lesson this week.  Depending on certain factors we will either be creating multi-media still-lifes (flowers in vase) or a lesson based on "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (with a focus on shapes and lines to create their own "wild things").
Second Grade - Picasso Inspired Self-Portraits (drawing) VOCAB: Cubism, Geometric Shapes
Autumn Leaves (drawing/painting) VOCAB: Contour Line, Warm/Cool Colors
The Second Graders just completed their leaf drawings in black crayon and will be using watercolors in various Autumn shades (emphasis on warm colors) for the leaves and cool colors for the background.

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